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A sampling distribution of the proportion is a probability distribution of the Sample proportion.
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Credit Information System was started with the objective of sharing information about borrowers committing defaults with any of the banks.
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For restructuring of SME loans, no forum like CDR is available.
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Banks can settle disputes involving amounts up to Rupees .20 latch through the forum of Lok Adalats.
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SARFAESI Act provides for enforcement of security interest for realization of dues without the intervention of courts or tribunals.
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F or filing cases in the Debt Recovery Tribunals, the amount of claim must be more than
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The Debt Recovery Tribunals are meant for recovery of dues of the banks and financial institutions only.
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Banks reschedule or restructure the loans in accordance with the revised cash flow estimates of the borrower.
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The default in payment as per agreed terms could be intentional or due to the reasons beyond the control of the borrower.
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The amount of provision required to be made on the asset portfolio of a bank depends on the classification of assets.

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