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A Forex Dealer has to maintain
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Funds position reflects the
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The __________ is the most common and obvious risk in foreign exchange dealing operations.
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__________ arises due to inability or unwillingness of the counterpart to meet the obligations at maturity of the underlying transactions.
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__________ Risk is Failure of the counter party during the course of settlement, due to the time zone differences, between the two currencies to be exchanged.
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__________ Risk is the risk of failure of the counter party before maturity of the contract thereby exposing the other party to cover the transaction at the ongoing market rates.
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Liquidity Risk is the potential for liabilities to drain from the bank at a faster rate than assets.
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__________ are the risk arising out of adverse movements in implied interest rates or actual interest rate differentials.
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__________ arises out of adverse movement of market variables when the players are unable to exit the positions quickly.
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__________ is arising on account of non - enforceability of contract against a counter party.

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