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The standard error of the mean decreases in direct proportion to sample size.
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To perform a complete enumeration, one would need to examine every item in a population.
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In everyday life, we see many examples of infinite populations of physical objects.
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To obtain a theoretical sampling distribution, we consider all the samples of a given size.
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Large samples are always a good idea because they decrease the standard error.
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If the mean for a certain population were 15, it is likely that most of the samples we could take from that population would have means of 15.
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The standard error of a sample statistic is the standard deviation of its sampling distribution.
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Judgement sampling has the disadvantage that it may lose some representativeness of a sample.
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The sampling fraction compares the size of a sample to the size of the population.
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Any sampling distribution can be totally described by its mean and standard deviation.

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