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The precision with which the sample mean can be used to estimate the population mean decreases as the standard error __________ .
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The dispersion among sample means is, the dispersion among the sampled items themselves because
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The central limit theorem assures us that the sampling distribution of the mean
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The standard error of the mean for a sample size of two or more is
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In a normally distributed population, the sampling distribution of the mean
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The central limit theorem permits us to use sample statistics to make inferences about population parameters.
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A portion of the elements in a population chosen for direct examination or measurement is a Sample.
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The proportion of the population contained in a sample is the Sampling fraction.
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Statistical inference is the process by which inferences about a population are mad e from information about a sample.
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Stratified sampling should be used when each group considered has small variation within itself but there is wide variation between different groups.

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